Why Having a Communications Strategy is Essential to Your Small Business

Any successful entrepreneur can tell you that starting a business is no small feat. They can also testify to the importance of setting goals and figuring out how to achieve them. Unfortunately, what many small businesses tend to miss is the importance of a communications strategy in helping them realize their goals.

The truth is – most people don’t know what exactly communications means despite it being the backbone of any (successful) company to ever exist. This is understandable given how general and vague the communications field can be. To clarify, anything that involves reaching audiences to communicate who you are and what you have to offer falls under the communications umbrella.

So, when you’re running a business, communications is integrated into almost everything you do. Examples include:


Your brand isn’t just your logo or color scheme or font – your brand is who you and your business are. It’s your identity – how the public sees you. Through a communications strategy, you determine your brand, you determine how you want people to see you and your business and how to effectively communicate that identity to your most important stakeholders.


The copy – or text – on your website is meant to describe who you are and what you have to offer. It’s one of the first images of you or your organization that people encounter. A communications strategy maps out the copy for your website to ensure it is consistent with your brand and appealing to your audience.

Social Media

From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and other social networking sites, social media is one of the best ways businesses and individuals connect with their audience quickly and usually at a low cost. Having a social media plan to most efficiently and effectively connect with your audiences is a key part of any communications strategy.

Any Other Forms of Correspondence

Emails, newsletters, flyers, media kits, event invitations, blog posts, opinion articles and more are vital to building your credibility and gaining the consistent support of your target audiences. Communications strategies map out how each of these mediums are used and what each of them will say to engage your base.

Bottom Line

When people don’t know or understand who you or your organization are or your values, they won’t buy your product or service, they won’t invest in you, they won’t promote you. The reality is you can’t do anything for yourself or your business without a solid communications strategy to help you understand the most effective ways to describe who you are, what you do and why your services or products are needed by people.

Taking a strategic approach to communication – reaching audiences, advertising to customers or influencing investors is necessary to have a successful business. E. Brown Consulting specializes in helping small businesses reach their goals through communications strategies and tactics. For more information, please use the contact page here or send a direct email to contact@ebrownconsulting.com.

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